A video player for Plan 9
readme: do not require git9 to install
provide an easier to use install script
stream: check for nil stream before closing/reading


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A video player for 9front.


Video one

Video two

What can it play? MP4 and MKV/WEBM files, which are multimedia containers. Video formats supported are AV1, H.264 (baseline only), VP8 and VP9. Only 8-bit per component YUV 4:2:0 is supported atm. AAC, OPUS and Vorbis audio is supported.

It's only supposed to build and run on AMD64 for now.

More is coming. Patches are very welcome, too.


cd /tmp
hget https://git.sr.ht/~ft/treason/archive/mustard.tar.gz | tar xz && \
mv treason-mustard treason && \
cd treason && ./install.rc

For opus decoding see adding opus support to 9front (scroll down on the post).


See how to Youtube on ⑨.


This is a half-baked early stage project, there are many things missing, in need of improvement, and some (probably) are outright wrong.

You need a fast computer to play AV1. H.264 doesn't require as much. VP8/VP9 might be a good alternative.

If you see random crashes, try running with NPROC=1. Multithreaded decoding "works on my machine", but who knows.


Sigrid on 9gridchan or freenode.