Keyboard-driven window management for rio
curwindow: fix race condition
do not print out desktop number unless it changed


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Some kind of window management experiments with rio. What does it do? It gives you virtual desktops to move window around to, by pressing keys, like i3. The window management code is written in rc and is done by reading and writing /dev/wsys for the most part. There are minimal changes to rio (to provide an additional /srv/riogkbd.* file).

No guarantees, use at your own risk and blah. This isn't supposed to work with drawterm.


  • virtual desktops from 1 to 0
  • switch between desktops
  • move windows between desktops
  • toggle fullscreen on the current window
  • start a new window
  • "sticky" programs, by default stats, kbmap etc are shown on every desktop
  • toggle "sticky" mode for current window

All that with simple shortcuts.

#Installation and usage

Run mk install in this repo. Apply 9front.diff on your sources (hg import --no-commit 9front.diff), rebuild rio.

To start riow, either through riostart, or by hand:

window -scroll riow

If you're NOT using bar, run with -hide as well.

Modify riow to your own needs.


Mod4-f              toggle fullscreen for the current window
Mod4-s              toggle "sticky" mode for the current window
Mod4-enter          start a new window
Mod4-[0..9]         switch to a specific virtual desktop
Mod4-shift-[0..9]   move the current window to a specific virtual desktop

Mod4-[↑↓←→]         move the window (big steps)
Mod4-shift-[↑↓←→]   move the window (small steps)

Mod4-ctrl-[↑↓←→]        drag bottom-right of the window (big steps)
Mod4-ctrl-shift-[↑↓←→]  drag bottom-right of the window (small steps)

Mod4-alt-[↑↓←→]        drag top-left of the window (big steps)
Mod4-alt-shift-[↑↓←→]  drag top-left of the window (small steps)


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