Download videos from Youtube/PeerTube on Plan 9
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Downloads a PeerTube video, or a Youtube video (using Invidious public servers).

Multiple -A and -V can be used to prioritize specific stream formats. The values for these options can be IDs and quality, ie 18 or 720p (for video).


Show available streams of a video:

nvi -i ybGOT4d2Hs8

Download audio and video in best quality and play using treason:

nvi -a /tmp/audio -v /tmp/video ybGOT4d2Hs8 && treason -a /tmp/audio /tmp/video

Download only audio, extract OPUS from the container using mcfs, and reencode to OGG/Vorbis:

nvi -a /fd/1 -A 251 ybGOT4d2Hs8 | mcfs -t audio | audio/opusdec | audio/oggenc > suffer.ogg

Download and play combined audio and video (low quality):

nvi -V 18 -v /tmp/video ybGOT4d2Hs8 && treason /tmp/video


  • Manpage.
  • Select streams based on format, eg "mp4", "mp4,av01", "opus", etc.
  • Figure out how to play videos without storing them on disk, ie piping directly to treason.