Native Porting Environment for Plan 9
npe: add atime to *stat
npe: add clock_gettime
sdl/audio: set pipe buffer size when running pcmconv; use the correct device name


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"Native Porting Environment" for 9front, pronounced "nope".

The project tries to provide a minimalistic (and mostly non-conformant) POSIX environment with several additional libraries to ease up porting of software to 9front. The goal is to be able to build and run non-native GUI software with very minimal changes, if any.

Unlike APE, NPE is fully native and is not trying to hide any of the native Plan 9 APIs.


  • Some POSIX stuff is available
  • SDL2 basics (video, audio, input, events)
  • pthread basics

#Using NPE

Clone, run mk install.

Create a mkfile for the software to be built, and set CFLAGS:

CFLAGS=$CFLAGS -p -I/sys/include/npe -D__plan9__ -D__${objtype}__

By default npe will override the main function with its own threadmain. If that behaviour isn't desired, add -D__plan9_keep_main__ to CFLAGS.

Stack size is set to 256k.

General porting guide.

#Helping out

Patches and bug reports are always welcome.