fs: move a macro up the file
free voices that faded out below "silence" threshold (chosen to be 0 when converted to s16)
export rate from dsp up to ctl
rewrite autovoicing to reduce pops/clicks even more
piper: do not keep ctl files open
cfg: update for microui change
Merge commit '24b0ed8ccf3ea37334d4fc2d4c60d40c30d2c7a1'
Squashed 'microui/' changes from 3cb9c8f..5826f4c

5826f4c mu_draw_rect: set draw position when clipping, fixes images not clipped correctly
4fd28b3 add "force redraw" to mu_render (redrawing when window is (un)hidden)
ea55c03 update copyright years and name
86a529f fix a warning on 386

git-subtree-dir: microui
git-subtree-split: 5826f4cbc4057ebba3d1b6d5004d0079c715d489
piper: reduce volume even more
zero cross point on the rise
piper: mixing that makes sense
implement autovoicing on cross-point (mainly for fast repeating samples); limit the number of autovoices
piper: add -r (rate) parameter, rename recording to -t; check -m vs -t
put rate into common.h, one for every program
nanosec: cycles/nsec depending on what we have
contrib/o: orca → games/orca
contrib/o: change the order of instruments to match piper examples