flac: parse seek table as toc
redo parts of the API to fit more tag-kind-specific info - attached image type
vorbis: support METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE; don't stop on tags too large, truncate and skip instead
readtags example: seek to the image offset and back
readtags example: add -i option to dump an image; use stderr more
separate "album artist" key
m4a: add replay gain support
freshen up the readme and license
id3v2: make sure duration is left as is if already calculated
meson: disable _FORTIFY_SOURCE if fuzzing enabled
add a note about album/track gain
meson: warning options: check the ones actually used
id3v2: only jump to another header if it follows the last one, to avoid possible loops
add a harness target, leave readtags example alone
inputs: run flac, mp3 and ogg through r128
flac: ignore tags of nonsensical sizes
Fogg -> Fvorbis; deprecate the former
m4a: ignore tags of nonsensical sizes