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Gemini browser for Plan 9.

WTH is Gemini??? See https://gemini.circumlunar.space/


All the basic stuff seems to work.

Server certificate thumbprints are not stored or validated yet.

INPUT (textual user input) is handled with "hold" mode on.

The plan is to add a separate GUI program to display the pages in a better way, and perhaps turn the current implementation into a filesystem like webfs.


Clone the repo, mk install. Add a plumb rule to $home/lib/plumbing right before include basic line:

type	is	text
data	matches	'gemini://[^ ]+'
plumb	to	gemini
plumb	client	window gemnine -w $0

Then update the current rules:

cp $home/lib/plumbing /mnt/plumb/rules

While browsing, one might want to have a separate window with all the links followed:

while(){ syscall -o read 0 buf 512 </mnt/plumb/gemini >[2]/dev/null | tail -1 }