faad2/aacDECdrop d---------
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream' into master
f71b5e81 — Fabian Greffrath 5 months ago
Merge pull request #61 from argilo/clean-formatting

Remove non-ASCII characters and trailing whitespace from source files
0a84fa36 — Clayton Smith 5 months ago
Remove trailing whitespace
Update project files
Updated project files to VS2005 and made everything compile again
Fixed aacDecDrop, now also uses mp4ff, including m4a and m4p support
Added some comments to PS
Final changes for version 2.0
vc7 project files updated
import SBR code
Added file playback (WIN32) with priority setting
Coupling channels are now skipped
Minor updates in frontend
ADIF bugfix
Small fixes
Updated all programs/plugins to work with Apple M4A files as well
Fix in wave header writing
Fixed aacDECdrop compilation
Better bitstream error handling, it's not possible to read more bits than in the input buffer
Some small speedups
Updated interface function for mp4 AudioSpecificConfig
now is a lot cleaner to use
Made VC7 project files use static runtimes because it seems not everyone has those files yet
Small changes
Changed to use multithreaded dll runtime libraries
Small changes to the decoder interface:
every function that has a buffer as input now also has a parameter to give the size of that buffer.
Added noise shaping options by john33
Fixed aacDECdrop
Updated project file for aacDECdrop