Low level 9p client and server
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C9stat: put qid first, as it has to match with qid[0]
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NOTE (2022-06-27): the library's (yep, it's going to be a library) API is getting completely revamped, and examples are being added. Use either an older version, or expect API breakage.

A lightweight library for implmeneting 9p clients and servers in C.

This is 9p client and server implementation which aims to be correct, small and secure, targetting mainly low-resource MCUs.

proto.[ch]: lowest level of the library, contains nothing but (de)serealization of the protocol messages and tag (de)allocation.

fs.h: higher level, blocking file API based on POSIX.

fs9p.[ch]: blocking file API implementation for 9p - having a context created with proto.[ch] one can use POSIX-like file API to work with a remote filesystem.


  • portability: zero external dependencies, no POSIX, just C
  • no dynamic memory allocation
  • security: no crashes due to incoming data