aacdec/plugins/xmms/src d---------
Build libmp4ff statically
Fixes from SF tracker
Removed beepmp dependencies
Added compilation changes for Beep media player
Latest changes: make faad2 compile on linux with the xmms plugin; fix incorrect SBR detection in extended AudioSpecificConfig.
Updated XMMS plugin
Adds song info window
Build system update
XMMS plugin update (now uses mp4ff library)
Thanks ciberfred!
Applied XMMS patch
forgot 1
fixed xmms plugin compilation
XMMS plugin update
Linux compilation fixes
mp4ff should compile now
xmmsmp4 should compile now
spec file added for Red Hat (make dist should now work)
Fixes in linux compilation
Newest xmms code from ciber-fred
Updated XMMS plugins
Updated Linux installation process
Fix in foo_mp4 plugin
Small changes to the decoder interface:
every function that has a buffer as input now also has a parameter to give the size of that buffer.
Added new xmms plugin