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Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream' into master
f71b5e81 — Fabian Greffrath 1 year, 24 days ago
Merge pull request #61 from argilo/clean-formatting

Remove non-ASCII characters and trailing whitespace from source files
0a84fa36 — Clayton Smith 1 year, 24 days ago
Remove trailing whitespace
fix autotools warnings
Build libmp4ff statically
Remove outdated code
Update project files
Fixes from SF tracker
Removed beepmp dependencies
Compilation fixes for linux
Bugfix in ps_syntax.c bitstream reading for PS
Added compilation changes for Beep media player
Latest changes: make faad2 compile on linux with the xmms plugin; fix incorrect SBR detection in extended AudioSpecificConfig.
in_mp4.c: small bugfix for crashing at end of file
fixed some problems in winamp plugin
Updated XMMS plugin
Adds song info window
Sync CVS
small update in winamp plugin
Some display fixes
New winamp plugin:
Now uses mp4ff library instead of mp4v2 from mpeg4ip.
Removed old Winamp plugin source
Removed Winamp3 plugin source