ref: 1b71a6ba963d131375f5e489b3b25e36f19f3f24 aacdec/libfaad/mdct.c -rw-r--r-- 8.1 KiB
Final fix to copyright header
Fixed small bug in PS decoder
Changed GPL header a bit, now a clarification of section 2c of the GPLv2
FAAD2 update
cvs sync
Sync with internal CVS
optimised low power QMF
added downsampled SBR
Xine cleanup patch
Temporarily disabled SSE optimisations
MPEG4IP cleanup patch
other small changes
cfft optimised with SSE
output.c optimised (help specifically for ICL)
some error handling changes for DRM
New code for DRM standard
Some SSE optimisations (someone please make this work for Linux)
Start work on Scalable profile
General fixes
Huge ARM speedups
SBR fixes
TNS bug fixed
Small accuracy fixes
Sync with Ahead CVS
temporarily removed dithering, should be moved outside of library (done) and into frontends. Dither code was also samplerate dependant, but only tables for 44kHz included.
various speed updates in sbr decoder, less memeory usage, code cleanup
New mp4 file format library
several updates
Small DRM patches
General optimisations
DRM patches include
QMF speed increase
all kind of cleanups
import SBR code
Bugfixes, NULL pointer checks...
First start at SSR
Cleanup of syntax.c
Small changes for WinCE