update nixos package file
9pex: fix freeing wrong memory
9pex: fix dir reading
9pex: add -e option to allow escaping root
9gc: don't remove Joined flag after disconnect/error
9gc: retry more quitely, more times. hide reconnects entirely
9gc: try reconnecting
9gc: ctxread: print the error
9gc: ping/pong walk: use zero elements path
Merge commit '96a53db2e0c0e981310e96fc2f44aad3fb94f98a'
Squashed 'c9/' changes from a9bd8e3..d24ba61

d24ba61 fix: walk with 0 elements in path is totally valid

git-subtree-dir: c9
git-subtree-split: d24ba6187aebabe39813ded5227516637b708626
9gc: change ping-pong to a walk request/response
9gc: do a dummy read each 10 second of inactivity, hoping for Android to not close the socket
9gc: add options to parg call
9gc: add -e to disable echo
9gc: no \r, that's dumb
9gc: exit when stdin is broken; print \r before every message is sent