Stockholm, Sweden


Sigrid aka ftrvxmtrx

I write software for 9front. You can view it in Plan 9 by running:

9fs ftrv.se
ls /n/ftrv.se


Text to speech for Plan 9


PDF as a filesystem


Native Porting Environment for Plan 9


JBIG2 decoder for Plan 9


A tiny, portable, immediate-mode UI library for Plan 9


SoundPipe port for 9front (with npe)


Plan9-related tools for Unix-like operating systems


sndkit port for Plan 9 (npe)


CWEB to run on Plan 9, mirror of https://github.com/ascherer/cweb + changes


Experiments in package management for 9front. WIP


OpenH264 decoder library port for Plan 9


ORCΛ for Plan 9


A video player for Plan 9


Gemini browser for Plan 9


Some kind of JAVASCRIPT??? Oh no...

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