Stockholm, Sweden


Sigrid aka ftrvxmtrx

I write software for 9front.


A command line tool for fast frame accurate audio image + cue sheet splitting


cue sheet parser (partial fork of chub/cue)


Plan9Font: TrueType fell off


Random snippets of C code that are in public domain


Femtolisp: Gedo Art of Rinne Rebirth


qbe port to 9front WIP


Jack sensing output switcher for 9front


Native Porting Environment for Plan 9


Port of FastTracker II to Plan 9


Hantro G1/G2 VPU tools for 9front


PDF as a filesystem


Text to speech for Plan 9


Ext[2-4] file system for Plan 9


Plan9-related tools for Unix-like operating systems


Lightweight Embedded Audio Framework (fork for Plan 9)

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