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@@ 68,9 68,11 @@ determine unit test coverage, and thus only needed during development.
meson setup ./build/ -Db_coverage=true -Doptimization=0 -Dstrip=false
meson test -C ./build
meson compile -C ./build coverage-html
meson compile -C ./build coverage-text

NOTE: [gcovr][] is used to generate coverage report. lcov does not work.

The tests can only be built if stripped compilation is not enabled, as no
internal symbols would be visible to the unit tests.

@@ 80,6 82,8 @@ Or run tests with Valgrind:
meson test --wrap='valgrind --dsymutil=yes --tool=memcheck --track-origins=yes --leak-check=full --show-reachable=yes --suppressions=valgrind.supp' -C build/

[gcovr]: https://gcovr.com/en/stable/

## Using the code generator