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update ChangeLog to 2.0
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88ac1b8 (HEAD -> master) Version bump
0158de4 (HEAD -> master) version bump 2.0
482df36 last fixes hopefully
cb5aae9 fix email
40c089a version bump
9e4512c last fixes
c5a4674 (origin/master, origin/HEAD) some fixes
0dc1a0a use $() instead of `` validation. # # Sur la branche master # Votre branche est en avance sur 'origin/master' de 1 commit. #   (utilisez "git push" pour publier vos commits locaux) # # Modifications qui seront validées : #	modifié :         snaps #
536928b upd --help
dd95679 add read FAQ/CURRENT
cf2b008 upd
02a9028 add all_mirror : FIXME try to figure out how to print 1 mirror per line
2ab8393 Some cleanup to take care of sysupgrade
cd6c349 take care of hucste shellcheck reco
79a0dfa cleanup
3c3cd3d time to update
00612b7 (origin/beforeSysupgrade, beforeSysupgrade) update mail
d7b94e5 (tag: v1.3) 1.3 release
88ac1b8 Version bump
a9da3e9 Updated with RL var comment
c7035ce Add RL variable : Choose another signify key release (i.e. the next beta one)
828bccc (origin/master, origin/HEAD) README.md updated
828bccc README.md updated
00988fc (tag: v1.2) 1.2 tarball
415c805 updated Changelog
b4c7141 version bump