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changelog updated
1 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

M ChangeLog
M ChangeLog => ChangeLog +13 -3
@@ 1,11 1,21 @@
f6f5493 (HEAD -> master) take care of last changes
d2454b9 (HEAD -> master, tag: v2.1, origin/master, origin/HEAD) man page updated
1330271 version bump
d10356d update man: -c and url website
6a13b54 version bump
bd2377d -c: use sysctl for kernel version instead of dmesg first line
06dcc39 add LOCAL BASE BUILD DATE to -c (check local & pkgs build dates from mirror
30b4630 fix -l
abe6648 (tag: v2.0) 2.0 tarball
8306e7f update manpage and do v2.0 tarball
1b79e0f add readme
f6f5493 take care of last changes
94c73b6 update ChangeLog to 2.0
0158de4 version bump 2.0
482df36 last fixes hopefully
cb5aae9 fix email
40c089a version bump
9e4512c last fixes
c5a4674 (origin/master, origin/HEAD) some fixes
c5a4674 some fixes
0dc1a0a use $() instead of `` validation. # # Sur la branche master # Votre branche est en avance sur 'origin/master' de 1 commit. #   (utilisez "git push" pour publier vos commits locaux) # # Modifications qui seront validées : #	modifié :         snaps #
536928b upd --help
dd95679 add read FAQ/CURRENT

@@ 15,7 25,7 @@ cf2b008 upd
cd6c349 take care of hucste shellcheck reco
79a0dfa cleanup
3c3cd3d time to update
00612b7 (origin/beforeSysupgrade, beforeSysupgrade) update mail
00612b7 (origin/beforeSysupgrade) update mail
d7b94e5 (tag: v1.3) 1.3 release
88ac1b8 Version bump
a9da3e9 Updated with RL var comment