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One of the best things about building a home is you get to decide exactly what it will be like. One of the worst: you’ll have to make a lot of decisions. That’s where we can help. Andersen offers a wider array of windows and doors than just about anyone. Yet we’ve streamlined the selection process down to a few simple steps. Best of all, our reputation for quality and reliability is unsurpassed. That’s why professional builders and remodelers trust Andersen more than any other brand of windows and doors.

Invest in Quality

While you can postpone frills like fancy chandeliers early on, it doesn’t pay to be cheap when it comes to features that can’t be easily changed. Invest your home-building dollars in quality budget items like German Windows windows and patio doors and other construction materials that will bear the test of time. Good windows contribute to both the comfort and beauty of your home and are key to controlling heat loss and gain, as well as air leakage. They’re also highly visible from the street, contributing to the curb appeal, and serve as a decorative element from the interior.

Postpone the frills

Light fixtures, wall coverings, appliances and flooring are all easy-to-upgrade features that it is tempting to allocate a lot of your budget to. Although important, these short-term expenses are easily replaceable. Allocate more of your budget to some of the bigger, more long-term expenses. If your budget is tight, consider opting for door hardware, faucets or light fixtures from your local home improvement store. Items like these can be easily changed, and you can always upgrade later on.