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Strong 50 mm MULTI-CHAMBER Aluminium profile

PROFILE is intensification
POSSIBLE to design and build large elements
CAN cater heavy and thicker glass
EVEN able to incorporate soundproof, security or bullet proofed glass
IN compare to uPVC material profile aluminium doesn't change the static in long duration based on UV- wave’s impact related chemical processes

EPDM Gaskets (synthetic rubber)

NO silicone use to seal up the window
NO age- hardening of the material
OUTSTANDING heat, ozone and weather resistance
UV stability and permanent elastic
PERMANENT water and wind tight

UV resistance powder coated surface

NO discoloring and corrosions

German made hardware

HIGH grade engineered
CERTIFICATED in according European standards
PROVEN raw material quality
TIGHT multi-locking to avoid water and wind leakages
BURGLARY proofed


INSTALLED glazing doesn't touch aluminium frame or sash
BUFFER in between glazing and aluminium filled by flexible glazing blocks
AVOID glazing breakages based on differed head expansion in between aluminium and glass under sunlight

Corner joint

EVERY corner stabilized by full material aluminium angles
GERMAN made two layer of polyethylene (PU) glue injected for water tightening and permanent fastening


Aluminum is a very good heat transmitter
UNDER sunlight transfer the heat (like an oven) direct into the room
FIBER glass made STBU stop heat conduction
ENERGY saving based on air-condition consumptions up to 70%

Technology 20 years ahead the market

WINDOW can be upgradable with glazing and fitting specification’s to match the renew living environments and demands