Q-Windows Malaysia - German Window & Door Manufacturer (Based on Bootstrap, Vue.js) https://q-windows.com.my/
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

German Windows Malaysia Website

This is the code-base of the German Windows website.

CAUTION: Any changes to the codebase are compiled and uploaded automatically. That means, they will go live on the website within max. 10 minutes.


Edit existing

  1. Open the folder landing
  2. Open the file, ex. booklet_soundproof.md
  3. Make changes and commit (will go live after max. 10 minutes)
Edit promotion

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Add new

  1. Open the folder landing
  2. Open an existing file, ex. booklet_soundproof.md and copy the content as template
  3. Create a new file, ex. booklet_doors.md and paste the content
  4. Make changes and commit (will go live after max. 10 minutes)
Add new promotion

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To work on the German Windows website, you should fulfill the following requirements:


  • Expert on CSS3, HTML5
  • Working knowledge of Javascript
  • Experience with yarn, gulp or similar
  • Markdown
  • .git


  • Bootstrap 3
  • Vue.js experience
  • Working with Jekyll


You can make changes directly in the browser, using the built-in IDE, or download the code to your computer, to develop and test locally.

1) Download the code

mkdir q-windows.com.my && cd q-windows.com.my
git remote add origin https://git.sedv.org/f-a.nz/q-windows.com.my.git
git pull origin master

2) Set-up your development environment

Before you get started, set-up the required tools, for development and asset compilation. Alternatively, a complete development environment is contained in Docker image franzos/ruby-node-gulp-java, which can be obtained trough the Docker Repository.

bundle install
yarn install

3) Development server and live asset compilation

Run the following two, in separate command line shells.

gulp watch
JEKYLL_ENV=development bundle exec jekyll serve -d public/