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FiltaFry Europe
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.



Setup the environment with

bundle install --path vendor

In order to run a local, development version, run the following command:

bundle exec jekyll serve --config config/es/_config.yml -d config/es/_site/

This command is compromised of a number of components:

  • bundle exec jekyll serve start local development server with auto-reload
  • --config config/es/_config.yml define country-specific config, in this case es for Español
  • -d config/es/_site/ country-specific build destination, in this case es for Español

Supported countries

  • de for Germany
  • at for Austria
  • es for Spain
  • eu for Europe
  • se for Sweden
  • fi for Finland
  • nl for Netherlands
  • ee for Estonia

#Asset Compilation

gulp watch

Do note that all assets, including images and PDF's, should be stored under src/.


git add .
git commit -m "whats changes"
git push origin master

If the commit validates, all sites will build and deploy automatically.


bundle exec jekyll serve --config config/de/_config.yml -d config/de/_site/
bundle exec jekyll serve --config config/at/_config.yml -d config/at/_site/
bundle exec jekyll serve --config config/es/_config.yml -d config/es/_site/
bundle exec jekyll serve --config config/eu/_config.yml -d config/eu/_site/
bundle exec jekyll serve --config config/se/_config.yml -d config/se/_site/
bundle exec jekyll serve --config config/fi/_config.yml -d config/fi/_site/
bundle exec jekyll serve --config config/nl/_config.yml -d config/nl/_site/
bundle exec jekyll serve --config config/ee/_config.yml -d config/ee/_site/

Migration to new provider for faster invalidation of franchisee sites:

bundle exec jekyll build --config config/ee/_config.yml -d config/ee/_site/
rsync -rtvz --chmod=D2755,F644 --delete config/ee/_site/ franzs@rsync.keycdn.com:filtafryestonia/