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#The challenge

Fit-A-Seal and it's franchisees were in need of a ERP to coordinate internal processes, improve customer management and increase insights with company wide report on everything from customer acquisition to quotes and warehouse processes.

#What I did

  1. Implementation of ERP
  2. Customization of acquisition and sales processes
  3. Authoring and maintenance of manual (in german)
  4. Staff training

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The online manual features numerous video tutorials and adapts to the size of your screen. Feel free to browse at http://support.fitaseal.de/.


  • CRM (incl. acquisition pipeline)
  • Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoice (incl. custom calculation, signature)
  • Warehousing, order processes
  • Detailed permission, Franchisee companies, central article registrar
  • Reporting on all process

#Website Technology

The website is completely static.

  • PHP, Python
  • Hosted on AWS, Route53
  • Mobile-ready design
  • Open source
  • Secured by SSL Certificate