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#title: "Dr. Doris Hafner " date: 2016-06-01 00:00:00 +0200 client: "mgs" excerpt: It turns out that it was a fun-project position: Director headshot: doris

Starting with the first contact and quotation the fast and customer-orientated information we received from your side showed us that we can rely on Franz and you as experts. It was a relief to realise that you understood our ideas and concerns.

During the process of creating a new design, new features and solutions and working out all the small details, it was amazing how easy-going and smoothly running this process was, thanks to the special working platform too. For a simple user like me, I felt there was always a fully understanding or clear communication from your side. Amazing that you had always a creative solution either regarding the design or the programming or features even without asking and it was exactly what we had in mind too.

The MGS website now is running smoothly and even updating of content and photos is easy to handle and very efficient. We received an extremely positive feedback from our members, German students and partners. And the website shows service-orientated features which are supportive for our office work too. Our mgs.org.my is definitely a website which is now state of the art and up to date. In general the performance was and is above what we expected.

It turns out that it was “a fun-project” and working with fun usually shows the best results.

A big thank you!