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This website is completely static. There's no CMS, PHP, MYSQL, Ruby, ... - It's all plain, old .html files hosted on Amazon's CloudFront CDN (Content Delivery Network).


Unlike the remaining 99% of the web, this website only contains one tracking snippet: I'm running my own analytics server so the fact that you've visited remains a secret between you and me. But really, unlike Google (Analytics), I respect your privacy and don't use the data for anything other than to know that you've visited.

If you don't even want me to know that you're visiting, you can opt-out below:


This website also connects to two, external API's. Firstly to retrieve the current Bitcoin Price and secondly, to download the required set of fonts to make this site look as good as it does.

  1. Bitcoin Price: api.bitcoinaverage.com
  2. Fonts: fonts.googleapis.com

I'm working to replace Google Fonts.