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#The challenge

The Q-Windows Website has long been suffering under high exit rates, broken links and a imperfect mobile layout.

#What I did

The latest 2017 website refresh turned the Q-Windows website not only completely static but mobile-first. Unlike the already fast, previous site, the new website is no longer powered by a CMS (content management system) but just plain .html files.

#The effects

The website is not only a lot easier to maintain, but also a lot faster. Page load time is down by 65% and time spend browsing is up by 25%.

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A modern, mobile-friendly audio player allows desktop visitors to compare the noise level of various Q-Windows glazing solutions under different environmental conditions.

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This section works like a technical catalog: All window and door types are listed with their individual configuration options.

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The contact form connects directly to the Q-Windows insightly.com CRM account. All submissions automatically show up on their internal dashboard and a custom tracking plugin allows Q-Windows staff understand where leads came from and what pages they looked at.

#Website Technology

The website is completely static.

  • Completely static (no PHP, no MYSQL, no RUBY)
  • Hosted trough AWS CloudFront CDN (99,99999% uptime)
  • Mobile-first design
  • Secured by SSL Certificate