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#layout: page title: "Voice Prompt Order Form" date: 2018-02-28 00:00:00 +0200 client: "independent" cover: voice-prompt-order-form-01.jpg bg: switzerland tags: "web development" introduction: Responsive voice prompt order form powered by Vue.js. featured: true

#The challenge

Develop an effective, modern, one-page voice prompt order form for voice recording studios all over the world.

Source code

{% include project-image.html image="voice-prompt-order-form-01.jpg" %}

#What I did

  • Order form based on Vue.js
  • Enabled use of template for easy prompt selection
  • Calculation based on words, prompt count and extra services
  • Multi-currency enabled (manually updated rates)
  • Used Bulma framework for layout and styling
  • 100% plain HTML (no server required)

This form is now in use on the On Air Website.