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#layout: page title: "PantherX OS" date: 2019-01-16 00:00:00 +0200 client: "panther" bg: california cover: pantherx-01.jpg tags: "system-development" introduction: Private, yet totally integrated, next-generation operating system for everyone. featured: true

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PantherX is a modern, Unix-like computer operating system, designed to enable everyone without a PHD in computer science, to take control of their computer, data and privacy, and exercise their right to freedom of monitoring and tracking.

With it's own, light-weight desktop environment, a set of highly polished, homegrown applications , and access to thousands more trough Software, PantherX is set to become your next, and last (Desktop) OS.

#The challenge

  • Lightweight, secure, modern OS
  • Innovative yet stable technologies like Cap'n Proto
  • Fast, easy to use Desktop environment
  • Roll-back & system time travel

I'm the founder of PantherX. We're a team of 6 and work on this full-time.

Find out more at pantherx.org