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#Work Experience

For latest projects, kindly refer to my independent work

#Panther Computer, Tehran, Iran

2018 Founder

  • Develop system architecture of PantherX OS
  • Source, interview and hire highly qualified C,C++,Python developers to join the team
  • Establish internal development workflow based around GitLab Ultimate
  • Set development goals, manage individual milestones and keep developers on track
  • Set-up and maintain required infrastructure

#SEDVentures Middle East, Tehran, Iran

2018 Co-Founder, Director

  • Negotiate investor funding
  • Establish internal processes for all common operations such as hiring, reporting
  • Research market conditions, evaluate individual ventures based on preset factors
  • Negotiate with suppliers on products and parts for individual ventures
  • Establish supply-chain for export to Europe: source, ship, pack, distribution
  • Oversee development of PantherX OS and Panther Alpha

#Sky-Hype AG, Schifflange, Luxembourg

2016-2018 Full-Stack Developer, Marketing

  • Designed and developed front-end code using Bootstrap 4, AJAX, jQuery, Vue.js
  • Implemented i18next based translation with over 10 language pairs
  • Developed backend using ExpressionEngine 3, PHP, MYSQL
  • Build 3rd party API integration for metasearch
  • Implemented and worked with Intercom CRM, Mailtrain for email marketing (SES)
  • Grown international Facebook group with 100,000+ Users
  • Overseen outbound sales to Europe, Middle-East and South-East Asia

#Panther MPC, Inc., Dover, Delaware

Winter 2016 Hustler, Front-End Developer

  • Designed and developed front-end code using Bootstrap 3, jQuery
  • Worked with Jekyll, Grunt, PHP for custom ranking dashboard
  • Investor pitch, initial funding of $36k
  • Interviewed, negotiated and hired embedded software developer
  • Negotiated terms with China / S-Korea based supplier
  • Generated pre-orders from Europe, Middle-East and South-East Asia
  • Researched specs for Panther Alpha (ARM board) and Panther OS (ARM Linux)
  • Coordinated development of Panther OS for Panther Alpha
  • Developed and launched $43k Kickstarter campaign

#HootSuite Media Inc., London, United Kingdom

2014–2016 Community Ambassador

  • Extensively used HootSuite to manage client's social media
  • Organised local community meetings to educate about social media management
  • Provided product feedback and regional insights

#DKKMA Agency, London, United Kingdom

2014-2016 Front-End Developer

  • Designed and developed countless of client sites using Bootstrap 3
  • Developed with Wordpress, Bolt CMS, ExpressionEngine, Jekyll
  • Worked on email marketing using Mailtrain, Amazon SES
  • Used Metabase to generate performance dashboard based on Google Analytics / MYSQL
  • Met with clients, negotiated contacts, managed multiple projects trough completion
  • Decide on final copy, final art, finished commercials

2013-2014 Marketing

  • Managed relationship with key clients
  • Developed new strategies for lead generation (Inbound Marketing)
  • Optimized workflow and internal processes
  • Approved design mockups for development

#Q-Windows, Bangkok, Thailand

2011-2013 Marketing / Outbound Sales

  • Designed and developed company website using Wordpress, Bootstrap 2
  • Implemented Salesforce CRM, managed outbound sales
  • Development of supplier relationship, negotiation of contracts
  • Acquisition of projects in the region
  • Meet with clients, see projects from initial pitch trough completion

#MJM Networks, Singapore

Winter 2010 Technical Executive

  • Development of custom, redundant, dedicated RAID storage for VMWare vSphere
  • Administration of Zimbra E-Mail Server for Park Hotel Group (1200+ Users)

#VBH Construction Hardware Co., Ltd, Beijing, China

Early 2010 Marketing Assistant

  • Ad design and placement in Chinese magazines

What was Corporate Payment Behaviour in China in 2009? The German Chamber of Commerce in China, Beijing in cooperation with BenCham, the China-Italy Chamber, the French Chamber, and SwissCham Beijing


#Taylor's University College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2008–2010 International Business

  • Carpie Diem, Member of Editorial Board Committee

#German European School, Singapore

2006–2008 High School


#Hubspot Academy, Online

Summer 2015 Inbound Marketing Certification

  • Website optimization
  • Landing page anatomy
  • Inbound sales skills