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OneGram's ICO promises a cryptocurrency backed by Gold, stored at Dubai International Airport. At first a fantastic idea, after a close look, a rather shady set-up. Today I'm going to have a closer look at who's behind the ICO to try to determine the credibility of this project. I'm not going to pass judgement - this is just a collection of what I've found.

#OneGram Trail

The OneGram team manages the OGC protocol. GoldGuard runs the vault for physical gold. The two teams work closely together to ensure that the entire solution is seamless, well supported. - source

#OGC Token

  • PoS (Proof Of Stake)
  • Maximum supply of 12,400,786 OGC
  • ICO on 21. May (up to 120 days)
  • 10% Premium to cover cost
  • Paid for with Gold purchased trough Goldguard (paid for by Bitcoin or Wire)

Nearly 50 percent of the offering has been committed, Mohammed said. Tabarak Investment Bank, one of the largest in Dubai, will sell 100 million euros to its clients, while a similar amount is expected to be taken up by seven high networth individuals in OneGram's network. source

#Website registration

Domain: onegram.org registered on 2016-12-06 by Mohammed Khan, 334153 Dubai, AE

Mohammed Khan might be a relative of Ibrahim Khan who's listed as CEO of OneGram.

Email: onegrampress@gmail.com


Domain: 21mil.com registered on 2016-11-12 WHOIS privacy, Panama

The email listed on this site apparently belongs to Ferdous Bhai (Twitter), listed as Technical Team Lead of OneGram and CEO of 21MIL.

Email: ferdousbhai@protonmail.com

#Matt Mili

Matthew Mili is listed as OneGram's Full Stack Developer.

Domain: mattmili.com registered on 2016-12-16 WHOIS privacy, Panama

Email: mattmili@protonmail.com


Gold Guard FZCO is launching next week, it is registered in Dubai, with a precious metals license to trade gold at the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ). We have agreements with ABX and Loomis. All the informations will be public, gold supply is audited by PwC and Bitpay did their due diligences on Gold Guard too. We provided all the right informations to all our partners including AML and KYC documents.

The first step to participate in the ICO is to register with GoldGuard and purchase gold. Then the gold can be redeemed for OGC via the same platform. There is a fee of 10% charged during the purchase; this fee is expected as by purchasing OGC, the investor is not only purchasing an asset that offers the spot value of gold but also the future value of additional gold to be purchased from transaction fees. - source

Each OGCs are backed by 1g of gold (based on the spot price of your purchase). We are buying gold with our partners ABX and Goldguard instantly. Goldguard exchange is also doing the integration of Bitpay, so you'll be able to buy physical gold with bitcoins and redeem your OGC tokens. - source

Physical gold is purchased through ABX and physically delivered within 3 days through Loomis and stored with Loomis in Dubai. There are no gold certificates because this is not ETF's this is physically owned goldABX will provide us supply connfirmation of how many grams of gold we have purchased and own.. This will tally up to financial records of payments made to ABX which will be verified by PWC and the Shariah Advisory Audit. - source

The gold bullion will be stored in high security vaults in the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) on behalf of the Client by GoldGuard.

Domain: goldguard.com registered on 2013-05-16 in Kirkland, WA (+971 4 4489926)

Email: support@goldguard.com

No address, no names, first blog post on 2017-03-28. There's a staging site (testing) at http://goldguard.bywazzupa.com/. There is also no record of the company in the DMCC business directory.

#OneGram in the news

OneGram is an intriguing project but not the only to offer crypto backed by gold. There's been a lot of doubt about the authenticity so do your own research before you invest. I for one remain interested - let's see what the future brings.