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#layout: page_sidebar title: "Filtafry Deutschland GmbH" date: 2016-06-01 00:00:00 +0200 client: "filtafry" introduction: "Filtafry is an innovative, new franchise specializing in cooking oil and micro-filtration service for restaurants and other food establishments in Germany." city: Emsbüren country: Germany map: "7.1794796,52.4083766" web: filtafry.de categories: digital since: 2016 color: "#009fc3" cover: filtafry-01.jpg bg: roman-kraft

Filtafry is a young, innovative franchise from Germany. I have been working with Filtafry from the very start, helping them develop their website, unified franchisee sub-sites with individual domains as well as a company-wide ERP (enterprise resource planning) system that helps coordinating efforts company wide.