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title: "Buy and sell digital gold - DGX"
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date: 2018-04-10 22:00:00 +0350
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## What is DGX?

DGX is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency backed by physical gold stored in Singapore. That means, 1 DGX = 1g (99.99 LBMA) gold which, at the time of writing, is valued at $43.24 USD or 0.1157 ETH.

The advantages are huge:
- Unlike other cryptocurrencies DGX is backed by a physical assets
- Unlike USDT (backed by USD), DGX has no fractional reserves
- DGX can be stored on virtually any Ethereum compatible wallet
- Unlike gold, it's very easy, fast and cheap to transfer DGX

![DGX 100g gold asset certificate](/assets/content/2018/buy-and-sell-dgx-digital-gold-token.jpg)

## Where can you buy DGX?

DGX is available trough the [Digix Marketplace](https://digix.global/app/#/marketplace).

- Registration is straightforward
- DGX may be purchased using ETH (Ethereum) only
- The Digix Marketplace is compatible with the [Ledger Nano S](/gist/a-quick-look-ledger-nano-s-crypto-hardware-wallet/)
- The [current supply](https://digix.global/app/#/provenance/assets-explorer/assets-list) is limited to 10,000 DGX (10,000g of gold)

![Digix Marketplace Statistics](/assets/content/2018/buy-and-sell-dgx-digital-gold-token-01.png)

The only exchange that supports DGX as DGX/ETH trading pair is [EtherDelta](https://etherdelta.com/#0x4f3afec4e5a3f2a6a1a411def7d7dfe50ee057bf-ETH), a decentralized Ethereum & Ethereum token exchange. Unfortunately there's virtually no liquidity.

## How do I sell DGX?

There are essentially 3 options to sell your DGX:

- If you want to exchange 100 DGX, you can have the piece of gold shipped to you
- You can place a sell-order on [EtherDelta](https://etherdelta.com/#0x4f3afec4e5a3f2a6a1a411def7d7dfe50ee057bf-ETH), but I doubt you'll get a good deal
- You can use a escrow service

## DGX Escrow

Using an escrow service, you can exchange your DGX with virtually anybody, without having to trust them.

[Start new DGX Escrow Transaction](/dgx-escrow/)

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<p>2017/2016 YoY Market Performance
  <br><small>Source: <a href="https://www.stellar.org/blog/Q1-2018-stellar-and-state-of-crypto/?utm_source=Stellar.org++News&utm_campaign=ca10d3521b-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_11_19&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_563f658d41-ca10d3521b-281215745">stellar.org</a></small></p>

<p>Efforts are underway to introduce cryptocurrencies that are backed by traditional assets such as gold (DGX) or USD (USDT). That means, soon you will be able to spend physical gold with your credit card. Powered by cryptocurrency, backed by a decentralized infrastructure.</p>
<p>Efforts are underway to introduce cryptocurrencies that are backed by traditional assets such as gold <a href="/gist/buy-and-sell-dgx-digital-gold-token/">(DGX)</a> or USD (USDT). You will be able to spend physical gold with your credit card. Powered by cryptocurrency, backed by a decentralized infrastructure.</p>

<div class="inline-section">
  <h2 class="block">Leave a comment</h2>

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title: DGX Escrow
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<p>Here's how it works:</p>

  <li>Signal your intention to buy / sell DGX</li>
  <li>Once a matching buyer / seller has been found, both parties will be notified</li>
  <li>Both parties post their ETH address, and I publizise the escrow account address</li>
  <li>The seller sends the agreed amount of DGX to the escrow account</li>
  <li>The buyer sends the required amount of ETH, to cover the purchase of the DGX</li>
  <li>The agent (myself) verifies and approves the transaction</li>
  <li>The balance is released to both seller and buyer</li>

<p class="light"><em><b>(1)</b> Once both parties have been notified, and 24 hours pass without the successful completion of the transaction, the balance will be refunded. <b>(2)</b> The maximum amount per transaction for unknown parties is $500 USD. <b>(3)</b> For repeat-transactions, that means, the same two parties or ETH accounts, the maximum amount per transaction is capped at $2500 USD. <b>(4)</b> I retain a 2% transaction fee, or minimum $5 USD in order to cover my time and ETH network fees. <b>(5)</b> In order to push for transparency, I prefer to keep all transactions public. If you do not want to publish your main ETH account address here, you may create a new, temporary one on <a href="https://www.myetherwallet.com/">MEW</a>.</em></p>

<div class="inline-section">
  <h2 class="block">Post your buy / sell request</h2>

    <p class="light">To initiate a new request, state the amount you're looking to buy or sell. Example:
      <br><em>Selling 50 DGX at market rate</em>
      <br><em>Selling 100 DGX at 0.12 ETH / DGX</em>
      <br><em>Selling #T0411-01, 5 DGX</em>
      <br><em>Buying 1000 DGX at 0.115 ETH / DGX, private</em>
      <br>If you prefer to keep your ETH address private, please mention it in the comment. Private transactions are handled via email, or chat. The transaction fee is 5%.
    <div class="talk-comments" id="coral_talk_stream"></div>



<h3>Pending Requests</h3>

<table class="table">
      <th scope="col">#ID</th>
      <th scope="col">Date</th>
      <th scope="col">Type</th>
      <th scope="col">Pair</th>
      <th scope="col">Amount</th>
      <th scope="col">Rate</th>
      <td>Buying DGX</td>
      <td>ETH / DGX</td>
      <td>10 DGX</td>
      <td>Market + 10% / DGX</td>
      <td>Selling DGX</td>
      <td>DGX / ETH</td>
      <td>10 DGX</td>
      <td>Market + 10% / DGX</td>


<p><a href="/gist/buy-and-sell-dgx-digital-gold-token/">Learn more about DGX</a></p>