a8ae1f98345ad57037f19ac626426572d551a513 — james palmer 2 months ago e8003ea
i2c: set master and transmit bits in i2c_initiate_transfer.

without these the keupad section of the twl4030 (i2c chip 0x4a)
will not respond. not sure know why this worked for the watchdog portion
(i2c chip 0x4b). perhaps it is less picky.
1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M src/i2c.c
M src/i2c.c => src/i2c.c +3 -0
@@ 77,8 77,11 @@ i2c_initiate_transfer(Uint32 base)
	Uint32 tmp;

	tmp = i2c_reg_read(base, Rcon);

	tmp |= Rconmst;
	tmp |= Rconstt;
	tmp |= Rconstp;
	tmp |= Rcontrx;

	i2c_reg_write(base, Rcon, tmp);