uxn for the nokia n900
b719cabd — james palmer 1 year, 4 months ago
dev/mouse: use 32 bit integer for storing pressure.
4154f6ad — james palmer 1 year, 4 months ago
dev/mouse: calculate pressure in one go.
8a428254 — james palmer 1 year, 4 months ago
*: refactoring: enum style


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uxn for the nokia n900.


  • [x] system
  • [x] console (partial)
  • [x] screen
  • [ ] audio
  • [x] controller
  • [x] mouse (partial)
  • [ ] file
  • [x] datetime (partial)

#to compile:

  • install the arm-none-eabi toolchain.
  • install the u-boot tools.
  • run make

#to run on qemu:

this requires mtools and a specific version of qemu.

dd if=/dev/zero of=etc/sd.img bs=1M count=1

mformat -i etc/sd.img ::
mcopy -i etc/sd.img uxn900.uimage ::uImage
mcopy -i etc/sd.img <any uxn rom> ::

qemu-system-arm \
	-machine n900 \
	-cpu cortex-a8 \
	-serial stdio \
	-mtdblock etc/mtd.img \
	-sd etc/sd.img \
	-sd etc/sd.img

#to run on hardare:

copy your chosen rom and the uxnemu.uimage to the first partition of an sd card (fat formatted). you must rename uxnemu.uimage to uImage. boot the device and run the following u-boot commands:

fatload mmc 0 0x801f0000 <your rom>
run trymmcboot


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