yggdrasil-go-coap/servermux.go -rw-r--r-- 4.2 KiB
12af0ac7 — Jozef Kralik 2 years ago
enable set root path for server and client

8c46bd2b — Andrew Kokhanovskyi 2 years ago
Don't panic
dfd0cb9b — Jozef Kralik 2 years ago
add blockwise: POST, PUT, GET
6cdfe6ee — Ondrej Tomčík 3 years ago
Merge pull request #3 from ondrejtomcik/send_pairing_messages_from_server_to_client

refactoring: client uses same code server
98ca18f5 — Jozef Kralik 3 years ago
add Exchange to Session for challenging client
add DefaultHandler to set default handler of mux
add ObserveFunc to client for obsevation
use same code of Server as for Client connection
session and client has similar interface