yggdrasil-go-coap/net d---------
Fix broken handling of read timeouts for yggdrasil sessions
Revert "Properly set Yggdrasil listener deadline"

This reverts commit f15933d9ae589bbaa2967e406b5194329b6d42b5.
Properly set Yggdrasil listener deadline
Handle client-opened connections (via server.ActivateAndServe)
Make YggdrasilNode's Core a pointer
Implement initial YggdrasilListener
fb71e484 — Jozef Kralik 1 year, 9 months ago
update for dtls 1.5.2
9db9a8f3 — Jozef Kralik 1 year, 11 months ago
fix cpu exhausting caused by dtlslistener
b4c07b44 — Axel Johnsson 2 years ago
Switch order of operands in DTLS timeout calculation
6cb733c1 — Jozef Kralik 2 years ago
integrate dtls (#53)

6251d120 — Jozef Kralik 2 years ago
move net package from kit