yggdrasil-go-coap/Gopkg.toml -rw-r--r-- 930 bytes
969413ea — Jozef Kralik 1 year, 10 months ago
update for pions 1.5.1
47b69020 — Jozef Kralik 1 year, 11 months ago
use pions/dtls of version v1.5.0
6cb733c1 — Jozef Kralik 2 years ago
integrate dtls (#53)

6251d120 — Jozef Kralik 2 years ago
move net package from kit
84523edf — Jozef Kralik 2 years ago
Fix windows multicast (#43)

* fix multicast write for windows

- multicast client now listen on free port to avoid share it among other
- join group to all OS interfaces when provided interfaces are nil
- fix noresponse test
5ec6279d — Jozef Kralik 2 years ago
Provide context to Request (#36)

* implement context
* fix dealock when client connection was closed by server