Add syntax highlighting to code snippets in README
CI: separate fetch and build jobs
Add go module definition
Update Go imports for yggdrasil-go-coap: github.com --> git.sr.ht
Minor wording change in README.
Mention bug tracker and contribution workflow
Add quick documentation and example for custom CoAP options
Remove upstream travis CI, add simple builds.sr.ht configuration
Update README with details on yggdrasil-go-coap (= this fork)
Enable blockwise transfert for Yggdrasil sessions
Allow usage of custom CoAP options (See RFC7252)
Fix broken handling of read timeouts for yggdrasil sessions
Revert "Properly set Yggdrasil listener deadline"

This reverts commit f15933d9ae589bbaa2967e406b5194329b6d42b5.
Disable BlockWiseTransfer by default for yggdrasil
Properly set Yggdrasil listener deadline
Handle client-opened connections (via server.ActivateAndServe)
Enforce tab indent for go files (via editorconfig)
Fix server ActiveAndServe (called by client) to work with yggdrasil
Handle yggdrasil client connections