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#Changelog for telegram_mt (telegram-mt-elixir)

#v0.1.1-alpha (2017-09-13

  • Use ETS for registries
  • Fix initial 'bad_server_salt' error
  • Reduce the number of 'bad_msg_notification' errors
  • Update telegram_tl dependency
  • Restructure of sessions' supervision tree
  • Major refactoring of the code related to the generation of the authorization key

#v0.1.0-alpha (2017-08-12)

  • Switching from API layer 23 to API layer 57 (allows to access supergroup and a bunch of others 'recent' telegram features)
  • Update telegram_tl dependency to v0.2.0-beta
  • Resend message in case of bad_server_salt or bad_msg_notification errors
  • History of recently sent messages
  • Handle bad_server_salt errors
  • Fix API calls to some chat-related methods

#v0.0.3-alpha (2017-07-20)

  • Do not automatically start (see MTProto.start)
  • Fix application name used in config
  • Update telegram_tl dependency
  • Major refactoring of the registry
  • Notify the clients with {:tg, ...} (instead of :recv)
  • Allow to specify external public key (useful for escript)
  • Use a single authkey per session (allows multiple sessions per DC)
  • Allow to export/import the session parameters (= allow to restore a session)
  • Sending messages is now synchronous (GenServer.call)
  • Minor documentation improvements
  • Minor API changes

#v0.0.2-alpha (2017-05-06)

  • Populate the MTProto.API.X modules given the "available method list"
    • Populate the MTProto.API.Auth module
    • Populate the MTProto.API.Contacts module
    • Populate the MTProto.API.Help module
    • Populate the MTProto.API.Messages module
    • Populate the MTProto.API.Users module
  • Handling different data centers
  • Allow to import/export authorization keys
  • Update telegram_tl dependency to v0.0.9-alpha

#v0.0.1-alpha (2017-04-30)

  • Basic mtproto implementation
  • Authorization key computation
  • Authentification
  • Basic usage
    • Get contacts and their status
    • Receive messages
    • Send messages
  • Basic documentation