auth: remove duplicated password reset log for LDAP backend
auth: handle LDAP connection failures
Add unique constraint to user_auth_factor
Fix password resets with builtin auth

I _said_ this was going to happen -_-
Improve email change UX
Add support for LDAP-backed authentication
Make email change logic more generic
Make password reset logic more generic
Add user profile information to admin page
API: Trim SSH key before splitting into parts
Blacklist 1secmail.{com,org,net}

Yet another temporary mail provider

God, there are a shitload of these
Add redis connection URL for webhooks

The webhooks worker always uses the default redis URL, which breaks if
the infrastructure runs a non-default redis setup.
Expand email domain blacklist

These fucking disposable mailbox services just keep on popping up
Fix mailto: on TOTP recovery page
Fix support link on TOTP challenge page
Require completion of 2FA challenge to disable 2FA

Ref: ~sircmpwn/meta.sr.ht#158
Improve UX for unconfirmed & suspended users
Improve UI for personal access keys

More updates to conform to modern sourcehut design practices
Email user when security-sensitive actions occur