{% extends "meta.html" %} {% block title %} Security settings - {{cfg("sr.ht", "site-name")}} meta {% endblock %} {% block content %}

Two-factor auth

Two-factor authentication increases the security of your account by requiring you to complete a secondary challenge in addition to providing your password on login. Use of 2FA is strongly recommended.


{% if totp %}
Enabled on your account since {{totp.created | date}}.
{% else %}

Disabled on your account. Enable this and we'll prompt you for a TOTP code each time you log in.

{% endif %}

Change your password

A link to complete the process will be sent to the email on file for your account ({{current_user.email}}).

{% if allow_password_reset() %}
{% else %} Password reset is disabled because {{cfg("sr.ht", "site-name")}} authentication is managed by a different service. {% endif %}

Account event log

{% for log in audit_log %} {% endfor %}
IP Address Action Details Date
{{log.ip_address}} {{log.event_type}} {{log.details or ""}} {{log.created|date}}
View full audit log {{icon("caret-right")}}
{% endblock %}