Add ruby to CI environment
Add simple HTTP GET integration test
Add basic structure for integration tests
Add get-node-id CLI flag, revample variable names in CLI flags handling
Add -genconf flag to CLI
Fix compilation issue in peering logic
Add structure for/WIP experimental peering update support
Add lock on sessions for safe concurrent access
Determine yggdrasil target NodeID from x-yggdrasil-header HTTP header
Add builds.sr.ht tag
Update name from yggdrasil-http-proxy to matrix-yggdrasil-http-proxy
Add go mod definition
Update Go imports for yggdrasil-go-coap: github.com --> git.sr.ht
Change confusing variable names in sendCoAPRequest
Fix handling of query parameters
Fix handling of tunnels opened by remotes
Remove unused JSON meddling
Remove (and ignore) binary from repository, comitted by error
Set Content-Format CoAP option to application/json