An HTTP proxy over Yggdrasil, using CoAP.
Add ruby to CI environment
Add simple HTTP GET integration test
Add basic structure for integration tests


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#Matrix Yggdrasil HTTP Proxy


This application proxy HTTP requests over Yggdrasil using the CoAP protocol. It uses a patched version of go-coap which natively support Yggdrasil connections.


The projects depends on Go >= 1.13 and is built as follow:

go get -v # or `make getDeps`
go build # or `make`


FIXME: provides examples and details setup.

./yggdrasil-http-proxy -help
Usage of ./yggdrasil-http-proxy:
  -coap-target string
        Force the host+port of the CoAP server to talk to
  -http-bind-host string
        The HTTP host to listen on (default "")
  -http-port string
        The HTTP port to listen on (default "8888")
  -http-target string
        Force the host+port of the HTTP server to talk to (default "")
        Only proxy CoAP requests to HTTP and not the other way around
        Only proxy HTTP requests to CoAP and not the other way around
        read HJSON/JSON config from stdin
  -useconffile string
        read HJSON/JSON config from specified file path

#Acknowledgment & Licensing

The config.go file has been imported almost as-in from yggdrasil-go (LGPLv3) while the proxy logic is heavily inspired from matrix-org's coap-proxy (GPL-3.0).

I haven't decided on anything for the remaining parts yet, please complain if you need one.