Adapt doc and CI for non-singleton riot type
Disable Fedora CI due to lack of DNF support in cdist
Allow configuration of, document __matrix_riot type
Fill missing parts of __matrix_synapse/nan.rst, @posteo.net -> @ungleich.ch
Various small fixes and tuning in CI definitions
CI: force cdist installation for F31
CI: cleanup after each task
Complete core functionality of __matrix_riot type
Prefix type names with "matrix"
Test and tune matrix-synapse type for debian
Enable fedora CI
Fix dependency issues with synapse type
Ensure that lsb-release is installed on debian
Fix APT repository setup for synapse type
Fix typo in synapse manifest (_apt => __apt)
Populate debian-support CI pipeline, disable fedora CI pipeline
Initial structure for integration testing
Add minimal README
Add broken/WIP riot-web type
synapse: use matrix.org's APT repository on debian