Forwards prometheus alerts to Matrix rooms
Display name label on matrix notification
Fix typo in Makefile
Add install target to Makefile



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Simple daemon - less than 150 lines of Go - forwarding prometheus-alertmanager events to matrix room. While there already is a matrix-alertmanager project out there, use of the JavaScript ecosystem made it rather painful to use from my point of view.


Make sure you have Go installed (golang-bin package on Fedora).

make getDeps
make build


Note: you are supposed to expose this service via a proxy such as Nginx, providing basic HTTP authentication.

I (master|✚1) ~/W/f/matrix-alertmanager-receiver » ./matrix-alertmanager-receiver --help
Usage of ./matrix-alertmanager-receiver:
  -config string
    	Path to configuration file (default "/etc/matrix-alertmanager-receiver.toml")
I [2] (master|✚1) ~/W/f/matrix-alertmanager-receiver » cat config.toml
Homeserver = "https://staging.matrix.ungleich.cloud"
TargetRoomID = "!jHFKHemgIAaDJekoxN:matrix-staging.ungleich.ch"
MXID = "@fnux:matrix-staging.ungleich.ch"
MXToken = "secretsecretsecret"
HTTPPort = 9088
HTTPAddress = ""
I (master|✚1) ~/W/f/matrix-alertmanager-receiver » ./matrix-alertmanager-receiver -config config.toml
2020/05/03 10:50:47 Reading configuration from config.toml.
2020/05/03 10:50:47 Connecting to Matrix Homserver https://staging.matrix.ungleich.cloud as @fnux:matrix-staging.ungleich.ch.
2020/05/03 10:50:47 @fnux:matrix-staging.ungleich.ch is already part of !jHFKHemgIAaDJekoxN:matrix-staging.ungleich.ch.
2020/05/03 10:50:47 Listening for HTTP requests (webhooks) on :9088
2020/05/03 10:50:55 Received valid hook from [::1]:44886
2020/05/03 10:50:55 > FIRING instance example1 is down