Import libucl.spec from open RHBZ review
Various improvements to hikari specfile
mk-files minor fixes following review
Small improvments to hikari specfile
libucl: mark bundled libs, package python bindings
Remove statically compiled output, libtool .la, fix pkgconfig include
Fix typos in libucl specfile
libucl: run test suite, fix devel subpackage requires
mk-files: fix minor permission issues
Sync hikari, mk-files and wlroots packages with upstream
Fix typo in hikari spec changelog
Update to hikari 2.2.0
Update to hikari 2.1.1
Update to hikari 2.1.0
Update to hikari 2.0.0
Update to hikari 1.2.1
Update to hikari 1.2.0
Bump hikari to 1.1.1
Update to hikari 1.1.0