Configuration for software I use.
142c45ff — Timothée Floure 2 days ago
zprofile: only set SSH_AUTH_SOCK on phi
07989509 — Timothée Floure 19 days ago
XMonad: add desktopPause keybinding
916abf82 — Timothée Floure 19 days ago
zsh: add alias for nnn


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Fnux's dotfiles

This repository contains the configuration and scripts I use to build my environment. They are separated in four categories: * core: shared between every installation (shell, tmux, git, vim, ...) * mail: mail client and utilities (astroid, neomutt, offlineimap, ...) * x11desktop: custom graphical session (xmonad, dunst, acpi-handler, ...) * utilities: configuration for software unfit for the core category but not strongly tied to x11-desktop (qutebrowser, mpd, ...)