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@@ 2,8 2,10 @@ Mobilizon is a federated online tool to help manage your events, your profiles
and your groups. You'll find more details on

I am not aware of any Swiss instances at the moment, but am working on it. I
registered this domain to avoid it being used by spammers/ads once the
'mobilizon' name gets attention. I think it'll be a good place for an **index
of Swiss instances** in the future, but feel free to [contact
me](https://fnux.ch/) if you have other plans (or want to help).
I originally booked this domain so that it's not taken over by spammers/ads.
Feel free to [contact me](https://fnux.ch/) if you have a need for it or want
to update this page.

Instances known to be managed for/from Switzerland:

* [events.open-society.ch](https://events.open-society.ch/)