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title: Fuck you, Discord
date: 2022-11-01
author: Francesco Camuffo

# Fuck you, Discord


I already knew Discord is a piece of malware masked as messaging app.  
I tought it was also simple to join and use, to attract joyous soydevs.

Today I couldn't try the piece of garbage.  
The reason is explained in this short timeline. T in minutes.

- `T+0` I create an account, process that requires my email and phone number.
  Sad but acceptable.
- `T+2` My account gets disabled for «Violation of TOS/Community

Not that I give a shit about Discord. My problem is that I wasn't able to
interact with the [atlasgo][atlasgo] community!

Nevertheless, I let someone at Discord know that I'm gravely disappointed.


Fuck you, Discord!  
Fuck you, projects choosing discord!


[atlasgo]: https://atlasgo.io/
[mastorant]: https://social.tchncs.de/@fmac/109270081923319472