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We currently only provide IRC for communication hosted on the irc.{{ request.environ.HTTP_HOST }} subdomain. Ergo, our ircd, includes a built-in bouncer, integrated services, and IP cloaking. It is only available over TLS.

Service Information


Most clients should work well with Ergo. Check the list here for many options.

Connect over TLS on host irc.cats.sh and port 6697. Use SASL authentication with the same username and password that you registered with.

See the Ergo Userguide for more information, links to other guides, and setting up message history, with the exception that you do not need to register your account with NickServ.


The userguide linked above mentions registering channels which you can do on our server.

The only known official channel is #cats which you can join by typing /join #cats in your IRC client.

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