Update to s6
s6-instance-control.8: Remove stray HTML tag. Reported by Carlos Eduardo,
Update to
509b7c8c — Petr VanÄ›k 5 months ago
s6-svscanctl.8: fix -i item
s6-svperms(8): add missing dot to Fl macro
Update to s6
Update to s6
LICENSE: Update year range.
Use `MAN_DIR` in Makefile, instead of `MANPATH`.
Add ports of multiple pages.

* overview.html
* s6-svscan-1.html
* s6-svscan-not-1.html
* socket-activation.html
Update to
Update to
Merge pull request #7 from kdkasad/fix/install-directories

Makefile: Use `-t` option of install(1).
4d47eb4d — Kian Kasad 2 years ago
Fix install(1) usage in Makefile

Without specifying the -t option, install(1) wouldn't create the
destination directories if they didn't already exist. This change fixes
that problem.
Make default Makefile target a no-op.
Makefile: Support DESTDIR.